Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman beating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Time 100 poll

"Say NO! to dictators. Say YES to scruffy British novelists," urges the author

Many people would argue that as long as a fantasy novelist is considered more influential than a Communist dictator, the world can’t be in such terrible shape.


It’s good to hear, then, that author and sometime Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman is currently beating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Time magazine’s prestigious 100 poll, which asks readers to vote for “the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that you think are the most influential people in the world”.

Gaiman @Neilhimself will be pleased, too, having tweeted earlier “If you are bored please vote for me in the @TIME top 100 list & keep me ahead of Kim Jong Il” (later corrected to Kim Jong Un), adding “Say NO! to dictators and/or tanks. Say YES to scruffy British novelists.”

While Time’s editors will choose the final Time 100 list for 2013, Gaiman fans should note that last year’s poll winner, computer hacking group Anonymous, was included as the 100th name on the list.

Gaiman currently has 4,000 more votes than Kim but is still over 50,000 behind the man occupying the top spot, Mohamed Morsi, Egypt president and “regional lynchpin”. Voters have until Friday 12 April to make up the ground…

Neil Gaiman wrote fantasy drama Neverwhere – recently dramatised in an acclaimed Radio 4/4 Extra production – as well as series six Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Wife. His upcoming Cybermen episode Nightmare in Silver promises to make the classic Who foes “scary again”.