The Radio Times Audience Award: vote Great British Bake Off!'s resident GBBO superfan on why he wants those amateur bakers to win a Bafta

Who will you vote for to win the Radio Times Audience Award at the Television Baftas 2013? We’ve got an in-house advocate for each of the six nominees. Here, Jack Seale explains why you should get behind Great British Bake Off…


Many of the programmes shortlisted for the Radio Times Audience Award had memorable moments. The Olympics Opening Ceremony’s dancing nurses. Saul listening to Carrie and Brody humping in Homeland. Venderux the Avenger conquering the Army of Snork in Game of Thrones, finally liberating Felbshire Forest from the Curse of the Hairy Owl. I shed a tear at them all.

But give me the twinkling little glints of humour, sex, triumph and disaster in The Great British Bake Off series three any day. This was an endlessly rewarding comedy drama, perfectly paced and cast. We watched the contestants change and grow, switching our favourites, observing as their deep-seated flaws and strengths were smoked out by the heat of the competition.

It was what you might call, ha ha, a “recipe for” classic telly moments. James making a massive pastry bicycle. Uber-judge Paul Hollywood pounding Sarah-Jane’s raw strudel onto the worktop, his eyes locked onto hers, erotic tension and flour filling the air. Hopelessly disorganised Ryan suddenly, inexplicably baking the greatest key lime pie of all time. Nervous Cathryn’s increasingly flirty glances, aimed down the camera lens at me personally. John hacking half his finger off with a Magimix. The agonising tension as Brendan tottered to the judging table with a huge fraisier balanced on two tiny spatulas. I could go on.

I think this award should go to the show that you had the greatest connection with, the one you looked forward to seeing every week like a beloved best friend. This year’s Great British Bake Off often made me laugh, cry and crave battenburg all at the same time. It made the box in the corner of the lounge emit a hearth-like warmth. Vote GBBO!

See the shortlist for the Radio Times Audience Award at the TV Baftas, and vote for your favourite, here


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