Star Trek Into Darkness star Zachary Quinto on partying with Benedict Cumberbatch

The actor says he and his co-stars enjoyed some "raucous" evenings out together during filming on the sci-fi sequel

Mass destruction, a city in ruins and some brutal fight scenes – filming Star Trek Into Darkness must have been a pretty intense experience for its stars Benedict Cumberbatch, aka terrorist John Harrison, and Zachary Quinto, who plays his nemesis Spock.


So it’s no surprise the actors and their co-stars felt like blowing off steam from time to time…

“We were in Northern California for the last ten days of the shoot at this massive, industrial government space,” said Quinto. “Me, [Chris] Pine, Benedict and [Simon] Pegg all drove into San Francisco and had a raucous evening until the wee hours.”

Quinto didn’t go into much detail about exactly what he and his fellow cast members got up to on their nights out, but he did tell Manhattan Magazine they’d really bonded during their sessions together.

“All of us had some really amazing experiences… I really genuinely love to work with them, to be with them and JJ.’”


JJ Abrams’s Star Trek sequel Into Darkness is in UK cinemas from 9 May. Benedict Cumberbatch is currently filming series three of BBC detective drama Sherlock.