Scott & Bailey, The Intern and Not Going Out – 3 Shows to Watch This Week

Suranne Jones's procedural crime drama, former Dragon Hilary Devey doing her bit for youth unemployment and the return of Lee Mack's gag-packed sitcom

Scott & Bailey series three


When is it on? Wednesday 3 April, 9:00pm, ITV

What is it? Sally Wainwright’s clever Manchester-based detective drama stars Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp as Detective Constable Rachel Bailey and Acting Detective Sergeant Janet Scott, specialising in murder investigation. 

What Radio Times has to say…

As Sally Wainwright’s impeccable police drama returns for a third series, Bailey and Scott are called to a house that a worried neighbour claims “smells of evil”. 

It smells of a lot more than that as appalled police officers break in to discover a woman’s severed head and an ailing, bedridden old man. It’s the start of a chilling, bleak story where writer Sally Wainwright carefully peels back the dank secrets of an unhappy family.

The police investigation, overseen by DCI Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore) is meticulous, measured and careful. Call me a crime-nerd, but this is what I love about Scott & Bailey: the attention to procedural detail that you don’t get anywhere else. It could be dull, but it’s not. The interview scenes in particular are done without bluster and are riveting. Alison Graham

The Intern

When is it on? Thursday 4 April, 9:00pm, C4

What is it? Former Dragon Hilary Devey’s new show is, according to her, “nothing like The Apprentice”. But the format sounds intriguingly similar…. Devey takes a group of unemployed youngsters and has them compete against one another during a challenge-packed week for a chance to land their dream job.

What Radio Times has to say…

The managing director of the Milestone – a five-star hotel in swankiest Kensington – looks nervous. Smiling sweetly under her manicured mane, Hilary Devey asks the MD to enrol an unqualified youngster on his prestigious management programme. “We’ll see,” he squeaks.

Having been poached from Dragons’ Den, Devey is on a one-woman mission to help some of the hundreds of thousands of young Brits who are out of work. In each episode she’ll play three off against each other and the winner will land a job. The downside is her guinea pigs have to survive a week of hidden cameras and actors posing as nightmare guests. So intern number one discovers a handcuffed Made in Chelsea hunk while on chambermaid duty; number two can only gasp in horror as a guest’s sports car is towed away; and the third must referee a marital tiff. Worse is to come: a dressing down from Devey when they put a foot wrong. Claire Webb

Not Going Out series six

When is it on? Friday 5 April, 9:30pm, BBC1

What is it? Lee Mack returns as unambitious, unemployed Lee living in a London flat and hatching predominantly unsuccessful plans to capture the hearts of various women in his life. Series 1-5 of this gag-packed sitcom featured comedian Tim Vine as Lee’s best friend Tim, but he has opted out of the latest run, leaving Mack to fare alone in the first of this eight-part series.

What Radio Times has to say…

At the launch of the sixth series of Not Going Out, its star Lee Mack said the absent Tim Vine – who played Tim, Not Going Out’s good-natured voice of reason and a perfect foil for Mack – would be replaced by an “abstract concept”. What he meant was there’d be a lot more plot and story to make up for the Vine-sized gap. You’ll be able to see what he was getting at in a very farcical opening episode involving dead rabbits. 


All the usual Not Going Out tent-poles are in place; the quick-fire gags at which Mack is the unsurpassable master, the silly situations (very silly, as it turns out) and the excellent Sally Bretton and Katy Wix as Lucy and Daisy. It’s frantic, frequently funny and refreshingly unpretentious. But you’ll miss Tim Vine. I do. Alison Graham