Coronation Street spoilers: Sunita Alahan’s funeral – preview pictures

Dev's eulogy becomes too much for Karl, who flees the crematorium in a distressed state. Will he tell Stella the truth about his actions?

Guilt, recrimination and sorrow swirls at the funeral of Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati) as these new pictures released by ITV highlight. 


Viewers will see Rovers Return arsonist Karl (John Michie) try to wriggle out of attending, but when he realises how much it means to Stella (Michelle Collins), he caves in and agrees to go. 

None of Sunita’s family attend as she’s brought shame to the family and as Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) delivers the eulogy, he breaks down. Karl too finds it difficult to control his emotions and flees from the crematorium, but when Stella goes after him, will he tell the truth about his actions? 

“It all comes crashing down on him at the funeral,” reveals John Michie, who plays Karl. “The kids are there, Dev’s there, there’s a speech and Karl just can’t handle it. The whole thing gets too much for him and he feels like he will burst if he doesn’t get it off his chest. He has to face the consequences, but instead Stella just kisses him and she’s so nice to him. He’s in hell, but when he’s with Stella it’s complete heaven.” 


The scenes air on Friday 12 April at 7.30 and 8.30pm on ITV.