E4 to tackle murder, horses and ketamine with Glue

Skins writer Jack Thorne's new drama for the channel will centre on the discovery of murdered teenager whose body is found under the wheels of a tractor

If you thought the worst thing that could happen to you in the countryside was catching a whiff of manure while driving, you’ll be shocked by a new E4 drama set in England’s rural heartland by Skins writer Jack Thorne called Glue.


Billed as a “wild and thrilling murder mystery,” Glue centres on the discovery of a murdered teenage traveller called Caleb whose body is discovered under the wheels of a tractor.

As news of his death begins to spread, the inhabitants of the village in which he lived are forced to reveal the secrets of their dangerous and debauched lives to the authorities.

Ketamine abuse, games of chicken played atop farmyard machinery, deadly bouts of grain barn-jumping – it’s all rife in the countryside world of Glue, and only comes to light after local girl and junior police officer Ruth starts digging around to find out who killed Caleb.

“I grew up in Newbury and was constantly fascinated by life around the stables,” said Thorne. “In an age where the British countryside feels like its rotting through disrepair and no-one cares, we want to tell a story about ambition, hope, darkness and anarchy.”

Sophie Gardiner, E4’s commissioning editor added: “We are delighted that Jack Thorne is coming back to E4 with this bold new series.  

“Glue follows in the proud tradition of E4 showing the most original and exciting drama for young audiences.  This is E4’s first whodunit drama, adding murder and mystery to the range of shows, from My Mad Fat Diary to Youngers, on the channel’s slate of new British drama series.”


Glue’s currently in its earliest stages of production and there are as yet not casting or transmission details to be had, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the latest developments about this innovative eight-part series as we get them.