Matt Smith: The Bells of Saint John is “Doctor Who meets The Bourne Identity”

Watch a video introduction to Saturday's episode of Doctor Who by Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman


If you need any more reason to get excited about Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, The Bells of Saint John, here’s a video introduction to the story in which Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman describe it as “a big urban thriller” that’s positively “James Bond-esque.”


“We have motorbikes, aliens in the Wi-Fi, a monster called The Spoonheads, Celia Imrie being sexy and saucy,” says Smith in the clip. “It’s a big action-adventure romp.”

The Bells of Saint John finds the Doctor hunting for his one-time companion Clara Oswald in London, where he discovers that there’s something dangerous in the city’s Wi-Fi signals.

The episode marks Jenna Louise-Coleman’s first ‘official’ appearance as Clara after she played ill-fated versions of the character in two previous adventures.


The Doctor returns in The Bells of Saint John at 6:15pm this Saturday. Watch the trailer, and you can see a clip from the episode featuring the Doctor getting changed here.