Doctor Who: Celia Imrie as Miss Kizlet in The Bells of Saint John – video

See a clip from Saturday's episode featuring the actress playing a cold-hearted villain

Matt Smith described her as “sexy and saucy” but Celia Imrie’s character just seems cold and heartless in this new clip from Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, The Bells of Saint John.


Imrie plays Miss Kizlet in this weekend’s edition of the sci-fi drama, a ruthless, no-nonsense administrator in charge of harvesting people’s minds and personalities using London’s bewitched Wi-Fi network.

Make no mistake, she’s slick and professional, but despite professing “love” for one of her employees she still decides that “my conscience is clear: we should probably kill him.”

Mind you, she’s not entirely unreasonable. I shan’t spoil the payoff, but let’s just say that Miss Kizlet’s got a very British way of dealing with this lethal redundancy:

The Bells of Saint John finds the Doctor hunting for his one-time companion Clara Oswald in London, where he discovers that there’s something dangerous in the city’s Wi-Fi signals.

The episode marks Jenna Louise-Coleman’s first ‘official’ appearance as Clara after she played ill-fated versions of the character in two previous adventures.


The Doctor returns in The Bells of Saint John at 6:15pm this Saturday. Watch the trailer, and you can see a clip from the episode featuring the Doctor getting changed here.