Doctor Who: The Doctor raids the Tardis wardrobe in a new clip from The Bells of Saint John

Find out where the Time Lord keeps his shirts, Fez and beloved bow-ties in a video snippet from the Easter special

We don’t often find ourselves disagreeing with the Doctor, but his claim in this new clip that monks “are not cool” needs qualifying.


Has he never heard of the beer-brewing Trappists? And perhaps he’s unaware that Fourth Doctor Tom Baker spent six years in the habit before becoming an actor…

That aside, this brand new snippet from Easter episode The Bells of Saint John is bags of fun and shows us where everyone’s favourite Time Lord stashes his socks, shirts and spare bow ties in the Tardis:

The Bells of Saint John finds the Doctor hunting for his one-time companion Clara Oswald in London, where he discovers that there’s something dangerous in the Wi-Fi. The episode marks Jenna Louise-Coleman’s first ‘official’ appearance as Clara after she played ill-fated versions of the character in two previous adventures.


The Doctor returns in The Bells of Saint John at 6:15pm this Saturday. Watch the trailer here.