Tim Pigott-Smith and Zoe Wanamaker in PG Wodehouse drama – preview pics

The BBC4 biopic Wodehouse in Exile charts the writer's involvement in wartime propaganda and his subsequent fall from grace


Tim Pigott-Smith and Zoe Wanamaker are set to star in a BBC4 drama about comedic writer PG Wodehouse.


Tim Pigott-Smith, who has recently appeared in The Hour, Miranda and Downton Abbey, will play PG Wodehouse in the drama titled Wodehouse in Exile. My Family star Zoe Wanamaker is set to take up the role of Wodehouse’s wife Ethel.

The 75-minute drama charts Wodehouse’s fall from grace after he became embroiled in a scandal involving wartime propaganda. Set in 1940, Wodehouse in Exile, follows the satirical author as he is taken to an internment camp in Upper Silesia following the German invasion of France. Once Wodehouse’s internment makes the news abroad, the German Foreign Ministry persuades the writer to broadcast radio to the US. The plan is sold to the writer as a way to reassure his fans, but is in fact a way to soften the worldwide perception of the Nazi rule.

As news of Wodehouse’s involvement with German radio reached British shores, he was condemned by the public and the press and, as a result, the writer and his wife never returned to their native home.

The drama is written by Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning Nigel Williams and directed by Tim Fywell, who worked on I Capture the Castle.

Wodehouse in Exile is on tonight at 9:00pm on BBC4