Charlie Brooker: there are scripts for series 3 of Black Mirror

The creator of Channel 4's future-fear drama says he has "ideas" for another run of if the show is recommissioned

While a third season of Charlie Brooker’s dark drama Black Mirror is yet to be confirmed, its creator has revealed that he has unmade scripts he’s keen to use for another run. 


Speaking to at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards, Brooker said he would “hopefully” make another series of Black Mirror, adding that he had scripts prepared should he get the green light from Channel 4. 

“There are a couple of stories that were written for earlier series but haven’t been made yet, so there are ideas for it,” said Brooker.

Speaking about the new press regulations that have been making headlines over the past week, the host of BBC2’s satirical current affairs digest Weekly Wipe and Channel 4’s topical 10 O’Clock Live show said: “I don’t feel particularly shackled [by the changes], but I’m not having my door kicked in at 5am by police which a lot of journalists are.


“I write bulls**t so who’s going to shackle me anyway?”