Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John – new preview pictures

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman race through London in the Easter episode of Doctor Who


Doctor Who and his mysterious new companion Clara are back on our screens within the month, so it’s time for another sneaky look at the next episode, Easter Special The Bells of Saint John…


So what do we know so far, and what can we glean from these preview pictures?

Well, the next Doctor Who instalment is set in the present day and the focus is on WiFi (just look at all those laptops…) As The Doctor meets Clara again he realises that something dangerous is lurking in the WiFi signals which cloak London and sets about trying to save the world from a hidden enemy. Celia Imrie is looking pretty menacing in these images, so it’s fair to assume her character is immersed in the dark side…

After her shock death at the end of the Christmas special, and subsequent reappearance years later, fans will be hoping to find out more about The Doctor’s new companion too. The secret to her identity remains unclear from these pictures, but Clara does appear to have yet another nasty accident… The plot thickens.



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