Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

Tamara moves into Irene's, while Heath comes to blows with Liam when he takes over at Angelo's

Monday 18 March


Heath’s rocked when Connie tells him she won’t be accepting his plea for joint custody. In the aftermath of the Adam saga, she is concerned for Darcy’s safety – Heath will still be allowed supervised visits, but that’s it. Heath breaks the news to Darcy revealing the reasons for the decision – he used to be a criminal. Darcy blames him for whole thing; because of his mistakes she has to suffer. Darcy’s outburst leaves Heath convinced his blunders in the past have stuffed up Darcy’s life for good. With his guilt and anger intensifying he splits-up with Bianca. Bianca says such a decision is only stemming from the heartache of losing his daughter, but Heath begs to differ. Their relationship isn’t working out for him.

Tamara asks Casey if they could move in together. The suggestion motivates both to go on the hunt for jobs. Casey applies for the janitor’s position at Summer Bay High, but due to his criminal record the board won’t allow it. Gina tells him John is looking for a handy man at the surf club – Casey might find a job yet.

Maddy skips into Summer Bay House having met with Gina atthe diner. She tells Roo she’s looking forward to enrolling at Summer Bay High. Her bubble soon bursts with the arrival of her mother Tanya. Adamant her arrival means nothing; Maddy decides she’s going nowhere. That is until Spencer arrives on the scene relaying advice from Roo – together they should return home and give their parents another chance.

Tuesday 19 March

Tanya, Maddy’s mum, expresses concern to Roo about Maddy’s future. When she returns home she’ll be attending a different school to Spencer so that she can focus on her music. Roo wonders if that’s what Maddy wants but Tanya makes it clear that it is what is best for her daughter.

Having said goodbye to Spencer and Maddy, Roo finds the old violin that Alf had bought for Maddy. She confides in Harvey regretting the decision to let the kids go which leads to a touching moment between the two – they make a really great team.

Tamara gets some good news when April finds her a place to live at Irene’s. Things take a turn for the worse however when John is forced to sack Casey from his new job at the Surf Club – The committee refuse to keep him on.

After talking to April and Irene about her relationship dramas, Bianca heads to the Share House to confront Heath – He doesn’t get to take his Darcy problems out on her. The message gets through as Heath takes up responsibility of not just his relationship, but Angelo’s too. This doesn’t read so well for Liam who is moved from his post as manager and made dish pig for the day. With tensions rising Heath offers Liam with the opportunity to punch him. Stirring the pot Liam finally gives in, not punching Heath once but twice.

Wednesday 20 March

Heath demotes Liam full-time and promotes himself to Manager. Liam takes it well knowing the obvious will happen – the business will crumble under Heath’s guidance. Despite the protestations of Kyle, Liam lets Heath sink the ship; losing money to customers left, right and centre. Taking money from the registers after close, it appears Liam’s motivations behind wanting Heath to fail go a little further than a personal grudge.

Sasha takes it out on April having discovered she helped Tamara get accommodation at Irene’s. Apologising for her behaviour, Sasha admits it’s hard to get her head around the fact that Casey chose Tamara over her.

Jett is bullied into completing an assignment by classmate Tilda. Standing up to her does no good when Tilda again forces the issue – cross her and she’ll make his life a living hell. Sasha notices the angst between the two, curious that Rosie’s little sister is giving Jett such a hard time. Having found out from Jett that Tilda is in fact not ‘Hannah’ – Rosie’s sister- Sasha questions Rosie for answers. She follows Rosie home, arriving to find she lives on her own.

Thursday 21 March

Marilyn takes it upon herself to try and cheer up Celia following her fight with Alf. Having heard Celia’s side of the story Marilyn decides to mediate the two. Alf eventually relents as brother and sister put their concerns on the table. 

Rosie finds Sasha on her front door wanting to walk to school. When Rosie declines Sasha demands that she tell her what’s going on – she’s a friend wanting to help. Rosie reveals her dad lives in the city with another family and that her mum left a few years back; she’s effectively on her own. With the truth out, Sasha solidifies their friendship with hug. Rosie says living on her own does have its perks as the girls kick back with a bowl of popcorn. 

Romeo talks to John about the abandoned Gym. Raising the idea with Indi’s he finally wins her over-together they’re going to go into business. 

Dex is worried when Sid’s medical convention alibi is revealed as a lie. Calling a reverse number he discovers Sid has checked himself into a psychiatric facility. 

Sid talks with Doc Padley as his fears bubble to the surface. It seems everything that has happened to him in his life has had an enormous impact on his well-being. As the doctor implores Sid to concentrate on his strengths rather than his weaknesses, a familiar voice calls from the distance. Its Dex, wanting to know what is going on.    

Friday 22 March

Dex is the perfect shoulder to lean on for Sid who’s decided it’s the right time to leave the psychiatric facility. With a chance to think everything over Sid decides he’s not going to sweat the small stuff; he’s going to make decisions based on what’s best for him and his family. 

Romeo and Indi are doing likewise but having trouble succeeding. After failing to impress Harvey and Roo with their business loan pitch the bank rejects them. It seems their dream of running the dream is over. That is until Sid announces at dinner that he’s looking to join them as a silent partner. With Sid’s financial input Romeo and Indi arrive back at the unfurnished gym to announce their good news – they got the loan, the gym is theirs! 


Upon Marilyn’s advice Celia calls the man responsible for all her gambling problems- Sheldon. Alf’s not happy when Sheldon arrives at Sumer Bay House, but is talked around by Celia who claims they are going to get help for their gambling addiction. With the revelation they are seeking help, Alf returns money he’s been guarding from Celia – she’ll need it if she’s returning to Africa. But Sheldon soon gets hold of it, telling Celia he’s got a great tip that will see the money triple and set them up for life. Celia’s left with the decision to keep the money or have one last bet. What will she do?