Prince William and Kate fall out over Scrabble

The Duchess of Cambridge reveals her competitive streak in a new ITV documentary following the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee year


Prince William and Kate are so competitive with each other they even clash over a game of Scrabble.


The Duchess of Cambridge says that when they play the word game, it usually ends prematurely with the board being slammed shut.

Her conversation with Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo is one of many insights into the life of the Royals provided by Sunday’s ITV documentary Our Queen.

Journalists saw the programme at a special preview screening this morning. RT understands the Queen will get to see it later today for the first time. The two-hour documentary follows the Queen through her Jubilee year and features interviews with members of the Royal family including Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

What for many was the highlight of the Jubilee year – the James Bond Olympic opening ceremony stunt – left organiser Sebastian Coe filled with anxiety.

“The one overwhelming caveat was respect,” he tells the film. “We have to be very careful that this didn’t descend into ‘It’s A Royal Knockout’.

“But an abiding memory of the Olympics is ‘the Queen’ jumping out of the helicopter and two young princes sitting behind me saying, ‘Go Granny!’”

Prince Edward’s wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex reveals that she often forgets where to sit at big Royal dinners, and also describes her sense of sadness when the Queen had to attend her service of Thanksgiving without Prince Phillip because of his illness last year: “It was very poignant. I remember feeling very emotional because he should have been by her side.”

Prince Charles, who very amusingly demonstrates his enthusiasm for speaking pidgin English in the film, says the Queen was very moved by the public’s reaction to her in the journey back to the Palace after the Thanksgiving service.

The film contains many amusing and light hearted cameos: David Cameron revealing that there’s no “chillaxing” for the Queen when she’s on her summer holiday at Balmoral, and singer Robbie Williams admitting the Queen mistook him for someone else after the Royal Variety Performance.

Williams is seen backstage karaokeing along to the song, ‘I Will Always Love you’, inserting ‘Ma’am’ at the end of the line. “This is a fast track to a knighthood,” he jokes. But then he’s left crestfallen when the Queen mistakes him for somebody else.


He says meeting the Queen was a mixture of “terror and excitement, and then shame when she doesn’t recognise you.”