Catherine Tate and Jonathan Ross reveal their favourite Comic Relief memories

Relive the early days of Red Nose Day and THAT sketch inside 10 Downing Street with Tony Blair

Catherine Tate


I’ve had a great time over the years with Comic Relief, working with McFly to Take That via Noel Edmonds and Daniel Craig. In the middle of this esteemed group is Tony Blair, at the time our serving prime minister.

As with all Comic Relief filming days, it was a lot of fun — this one just happened to take place inside Number Ten! He was very game and gave us a great sketch, which we could hardly believe was happening. An utterly surreal experience but it was a fantastic day and a huge thrill to have done it.

Jonathan Ross

It’s hard to believe the first ever Red Nose Day was 25 years ago. Hard, that is, until you look at the picture of me presenting it with Lenny Henry and Griff Rhys Jones (left) and you wonder if it wasn’t 100 years back, the toll that time seems to have taken on my features.

Nowadays of course Comic Relief night is a slick, beautifully put-together televisual feast, with barely a camera position out of place. Although a few of the original faces are still knocking around, the constant introduction of new comedy blood is one of the smart moves made by Richard Curtis that means Comic Relief has lasted so long and is still looked forward to.

There have been way too many classic moments to choose a favourite from, but having seen this year’s plans, the ability to forge unforgettable collaborations and sketches is very much alive.

All the Comic Relief action begins on Friday from 7:00pm on BBC1

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