Prince Charles and the most unlikely fashion icons

From Mary Berry and Sarah Lund to Jon Snow and... Alan Partridge - here are the famous faces who have inspired the masses with their sartorial flair


Prince Charles – a man with whom you might associate a refined taste in food, wine, maybe conversation depending on your sensibility. A cultured, well-travelled individual with a penchant for the finer things in life. But a fashion icon? No, you must be confusing him with his immaculate daughter-in-law whose choice of apparel regularly sways the fashion-conscious masses. Or even the Queen, whose clothing statements are frequently commended by the worldwide media. 


But since his appearance on Countryfile last Sunday evening, the royal family can now add Prince Charles to their cohort of fashionable milieu. The 64-year-old’s ‘country-chic’ attire – which included a patched-up, frayed leather jacket – has won the recognition of the style elite with Grazia fashion journalist, Melanie Rickey, tweeting: 

But Charles is not the first unlikely famous face to capture the imagination of trend-hunting fashionistas…

John McCririck

The deerstalker hat is currently enjoying a renaissance amongst the hipsters of Shoreditch who pair it artfully with their skinny jeans, checked plaid shirts and ‘alternative’ tattoos. But cast your mind back to the mid nineties and you’ll encounter one celebrity who was already bang on trend. And yes, we do mean John McCririck. While one may argue that the former Channel 4 Racing pundit constructed this mismatched ensemble oblivious to its sartorial value, we reckon that tactful dickie boe – combined with a subtle hint of tweed and some impressive sideburns – was a bold prediction of the future of fashion. Watch out Shoreditch, Cheltenham is right behind you…

Mary Berry

The Queen of baking is arguably a safe dresser, generally sporting a block-coloured jumper, a pair of smart trousers and a string of her trademark pearls. But when it comes to jackets, Mary Berry unleashes her fashion creativity. A seasoned purveyor of bright floral prints, the Great British Bake Off judge has an eye for a jazzy jacket, as demonstrated by a series of colourful creations worn for her various television shows and photoshoots. The 77-year-old even experienced the ‘Kate Middleton effect’ last year when the gaudy Zara bomber jacket she wore to present her hit baking show (right) sold out in stores nationwide and online, with scores of fans complimenting her daring choice of apparel.

Sarah Lund

When you’re investigating grim murder cases in the icy climes of Denmark, there’s not much room for style over comfort. For Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (played by Danish actress Sofie Gråbøl) a hardy outfit is required – a pair of sturdy shoes, some sensible jeans and a warm, woolly jumper to combat the bitter temperature. But when it comes to the aforementioned jumper, the creators of TV series The Killing allowed their imaginations to run wild. For season one Sarah sported a monochrome knit, complete with an artful snowflake pattern. On her return for series two she opted for a block red colour with some textured detailing, and for her role in the third and final run of episodes, Lund broke from tradition with a bold blue and white patterned design. Her trademark attire soon sparked a knitwear trend, featuring in fashion magazines worldwide – and even made a recent appearance at the prestigious London Fashion Week.

Jon Snow

Male Channel 4 newsreaders have limited opportunities to make bold fashion statements. The required uniform generally includes a sharp suit, a sensible hairstyle, a dab of foundation and a suitable tie. But for one well-known face, the latter has provided ample opportunities to impress viewers with his sartorial flair. Jon Snow’s daily deliveries from the Channel 4 newsroom are routinely brightened up by a flamboyant neck accessory – often of the patterned variety. His various ties usually feature clashing hues with stripey or dotted detailing, adding a burst of colour to what is otherwise a safe ensemble. Made by Victoria Richards, the ties themselves have their own dedictated fanbase – and Snow was once offered the award for Tieman of the Year, which he subsequently turned down. He has, however, written a blogpost dedicated to his gaudy accessories in which he states: “If a man is going to wear a tie he should wear a tie. What’s the point of putting some lightly spotted old maroon rag round his neck?” Well said Mr Snow.

Alan Partridge


Alan Partridge may not be a man you instantly associate with fashion pioneering, what with his penchant for polo necks, blazers and granddad jumpers, but take the man to Paris and he undergoes a burst of creative inspiration. Inspired by the fashion elite who patrol the Parisian streets, the host of Knowing Me, Knowing You and I’m Alan Partridge debuted a series of immaculate ensembles in his featurette, A Partridge in Paris. To showcase his perfected sports-casual look, Partridge donned a number of statement garments – including a  “t-shirt with chevron action flash” to demonstrate “homme de sport” followed by “a classic summer suit with the omission of long trousers” to complete “strolling pastels”. No idea what we’re talking about? Take a look at Partridge’s catwalk moments in the video below…