Desperate to pair off your single friend… how about a TV ad?

Sarah Beeny is giving you the chance to advertise your dateless friend on the telly

Are the late night phone calls from your unlucky-in-love pal getting too much? Are you fed up of having to offer dating advice or a shoulder to cry on when it all goes wrong…?


MySingleFriend are taking digital dating to the next level by letting weary friends try and pair off their nearest and dearest on national TV.

Based on the ethos of the dating website – which lets you recommend a friend, or get a friend to describe you to your potential suitors – MySingleFriend are branching out into televised matchmaking and encouraging friends to create an advert for their singleton.

All you need to do is sum up your romantically challenged friend in a TV friendly ‘sales pitch’ and then the person with the best singleton will get to star in their very own advert.

Founder of the website and happily married property guru Sarah Beeny, said: “Nobody has ever ‘advertised’ a single friend on television before, so it’s pretty exciting… We’re organising casting for the entrants this week, in which the person with the best sales pitch for their friend will be given a shot to do it on TV.”


To try and find a match for your catch email It could be the perfect solution for the internet-dater in your life, short of hiring a giant advertising placard or peddling your friend at a market stall like a bunch of browning bananas. Desperate times and all that…