Coronation Street: Chesney and Katy split up – “There’s no taking her back at all,” says Sam Aston

"I’d be sad if me and Georgia May Foote weren’t to work together on screen again. It would be the end of an era," adds the actor

Sam Aston has been talking about what happens when Chesney discovers that girlfriend Katy (Georgia May Foote) has been having an affair with kebab-shop colleague Ryan (Sol Heras). 


“Because he’s from a broken family, he felt like he could rely on Katy. Now all of that has been blown to pieces,” says the actor. “He’s been in a bit of a bubble because everything was just working out for him for once. They’ve still had their financial problems but he didn’t mind because they had each other. And now, all of a sudden, his rock has been taken away from him.” 

Chesney will stumble upon the truth after Gary (Mikey North) realises that Katy has been unfaithful. Stumbling across a row in the Street that’s broken out between Gary and Ryan, Chesney is shocked to find that the argument concerns Katy’s infidelity. It’s a realisation that comes as a bitter blow seeing as Katy has just accepted Ches’s proposal of marriage: 

“Whichever way he’d have found out would have been horrible, but at least if she hadn’t have lied to him and accepted his proposal he wouldn’t have lost all of his pride.” 

In the week to come, Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) will try to reason with Ches and make him see that Katy’s actions are not worth splitting up over. And with Katy begging for a second chance, will Chesney waver? 

“He thinks she’s unbelievable for even asking. They were supposed to be a tight team. She’s done the ultimate betrayal in his mind.” 

So is there anything that Katy could do to make him consider getting back with her? “At the minute, not at all. In his mind, there’s no taking her back at all. Maybe in the distant future when he realises how much he misses her and needs her he might start to listen. But right now, he’s having none of it.” 


But will Aston be upset if this really is the end of the line for Chesney and Katy? “Yes, definitely!” says the actor. “You think that they are going to be together forever. I’d be sad if me and Georgia weren’t to work together on screen again. It would be the end of an era.”