Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek costumes are so tight “you can almost see what religion I am”

Sherlock superstar confesses that some of his outfits for Star Trek Into Darkness leave little to the imagination

Cumberbabes: brace yourselves. Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that some of his Star Trek Into Darkness costumes are so tight that, in his words, “you can almost see what religion I am.”


The Sherlock star, who plays the villainous John Harrison in the upcoming sci-fi sequel, celebrated having had the opportunity to slip into something figure-hugging for the cameras, telling Total Film that his new costumes “look great.”

“Some of them were cumbersome and heavy,” he said. “But some were very snug; you can almost see what religion I am…”

And if that wasn’t strong enough catnip for his legions of fans, the 36-year-old added that his Star Trek character is a “kick-ass warrior,” who’s “masterful with his hands and body.”

“I did a lot of close combat training,” said Cumberbatch. “[John Harrison]’s a kick-ass warrior, as masterful with his hands and body as he is with weapons. You will have a great discovery during this film.”

But Harrison’s no knuckle-headed workaday villain. Star Trek Into Darkness’s director, JJ Abrams, said audiences will really engage with Cumberbatch in the new film because his character is “someone that you could have conversations with.”

“The beauty of Benedict’s [John Harrison] is that he’s completely rational,” said Abrams. “He’s someone that you can have conversations with. You couldn’t sit down and talk to [Star Trek (2009)’s villain] Nero – he’d bite your head off!” 


If you can stand the excitement of actually seeing the whole film, Star Trek Into Darkness will be released in Britain on 9 May.