Doctor Who: a look behind the scenes on An Adventure in Space and Time

Filming on the Doctor Who biopic has wrapped, so here's a handy round-up of all the on-set photos circulating the Twittersphere

Any Doctor Who fan who hasn’t been living under a rock the size of Skaro for the past month will be aware that Sherlock co-creator and Who screenwriter Mark Gatiss has been busy at work filming An Adventure in Space and Time. 


Production on the BBC2 drama charting the birth of Doctor Who on BBC TV back in 1963 has been underway for the last few weeks and the Twittersphere has been treated to a number of teaser images of Daleks, the Tardis and the reconstructed interior of Television Centre. 

The cast for Gatiss’s 90-minute tale includes Harry Potter actor David Bradley, playing first Doctor William Hartnell, alongside Call The Midwife’s Jessica Raine, Brian Cox (the actor, not the scientist) and Reece Shearsmith. 

Filming has taken place in a number of locations, from TVC to Wimbledon Studios – not to mention, a brief sighting of Daleks exterminating their way across Westminster Bridge once again. Here are the best of the on-set tweets:

It all began with a script…

Mark Gatiss certainly knows how to tease his fans, but it wasn’t long before the script became a TV set as filming began. Here’s a tantalising photo to kick off proceedings:

And when proceedings eventually moved on from TVC, Mark Gatiss wistfully tweeted his farewell to the well-known location…

Sightseers enjoying a morning stroll across Westminster bridge back in February were treated to a sight that has struck terror into the hearts of many a Doctor Who character over the years. Yes, the Daleks were back on the popular Thames crossing point 50 years after their first appearance – and this time there were plenty of onlookers to share their phone snaps, including Gatiss himself:

Look, here he is (look out behind you!)

And here are a few pics of the Doctor’s long-term nemeses, exterminating once again: 

The Tardis also provided a surprise for Doctor Who fans enjoying a morning stroll across Wimbledon Common, prompting a number of passers-by to share their sighting on Twitter:

An Adventure in Space and Time producer Matt Strevens was an active tweeter throughout the shoot, sharing snaps of Daleks, on-set dressing rooms and what appears to be the doors of the Tardis from the inside:

Meanwhile, Reece Shearsmith – who is playing the second Doctor Patrick Troughton – tweeted a photo of his dressing room door. 

And when filming finally wrapped last Friday 1 March, Mark Gatiss shared this rather lovely snap with his 280,000 followers…


An Adventure in Space in Time is due to air around the time of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in November this year.