Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special to start shooting in less than two weeks: “It. Will. Be. Big”

"Steven Moffat's imagination is AMBITIOUS," says executive producer Caro Skinner

Filming on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special starts on Monday 18 March – and according to executive producer Caro Skinner, fans can rest assured that “It. Will. Be. Big.”


“[Producer] Marcus Wilson and I spend most of our time saying to one another ‘Oh, good God, Steven Moffat’s imagination is AMBITIOUS,’” said Skinner of the Doctor Who showrunner’s plans for the half-century-celebration episode.

Other commonly used phrases apparently include “Wow, we’ve got a lot of work to do” and “How exactly are we going to do that? And that? And, oooh, that?!” she told Doctor Who Magazine.

But if Skinner and co have their work cut out bringing Moffat’s vision to the screen, she remains convinced that the results will be spectacular: “More succinctly, and in just four words: ‘It. Will. Be. Big.’” she said.


Doctor Who was first broadcast on 23 November 1963. The special episode – which forms part of wider celebrations this year – is expected to air in the same month.