Doctor Who series 7b: new photos, new companion, new monster – new outfit

The first set of photos from the returning series seven features all kinds of newness - oh, and a Fez...

In case it hadn’t sunk in yet, a look through the newly released first set of stills from Doctor Who series 7b will convince you that, yes, the Doctor really does have a new companion and, yes, he has a new look too.


Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara (the version the Time Lord will be travelling with for the forseeable future, not the Dalek or the 19th-century one) features heavily, of course, as does the Doctor’s new Victorian-influenced outfit (frockcoat, waistcoat, bow-tie – obviously – and even what would appear to be a fob watch tucked into a pocket).

There’s also a closer look at the wrinkly-faced, pointy-headed alien glimpsed in the background of the first promo shot, released last week. Oh, and there’s a Fez. Fezzes are cool, apparently…



Doctor Who returns to BBC1 in Easter special The Bells of St John on Saturday 30 March.