Is Britain a nation of Olly Murs lookalikes?

If you fancy yourself as the mirror image of a famous face, chances are you look like Olly Murs or Christine Bleakley


If you look in the mirror and see the face of cheeky Essex chap Olly Murs or TV presenter Christine Bleakley grinning back at you, your first reaction might be to scream or call for an ambulance. However, you are not alone…


According to tip-top face-map app Celebalike, we Brits are most likely to be dead ringers for X Factor runner-up and lite-reggae hitmaker Murs, or WAG and Dancing on Ice presenter Bleakley.

Apparently, smiley celebs Murs and Bleakley look most like the average UK man and woman – make up your own mind about whether that means British males or females are better-looking.

Murs, of course, predicted this development himself last month, with his video for Army of Two, which featured Olly clones filling the screen. That fun fiction has now, it seems, become a stark reality.


Olly and Christine aren’t the only stars who have an army of doppelgangers swarming across a terrified nation: there are plenty of Dermot O’Learys, James Cordens and Natalie Cassidys walking our streets too.