Film DVD round-up: Argo, The Sapphires, Gambit and more

In this week’s releases: true stories about American hostages in Iran and an Aboriginal girl group in Vietnam, plus a made-up one about an art scam


Argo (Cert: 15)
5 stars


Ben Affleck’s Bafta and Oscar-winning triumph

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray

Extras: The DVD includes a 15-minute featurette in which the people involved in the hostage crisis discuss their experiences. The Blu-ray adds an audio commentary from Affleck and writer Chris Terrio, a 45-minute documentary from 2005 entitled “Escape From Iran: the Hollywood Option”, plus two more featurettes and a picture-in-picture “Eye Witness Account” option.

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The Sapphires (Cert: PG)
5 stars

The story of the dream girls from Down Under

Formats: DVD

Extras: An 11-minute making-of doc, four short character profiles, a seven-minute interview with the original Sapphires, plus a featurette looking at location filming in Vietnam.

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Gambit (Cert: 12)
2 stars

Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in a Coens-scripted caper

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray

Extras:  An 11-minute featurette looking at the making of the movie, which mixes in interviews with the cast and crew plus footage from the premiere.

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People like us (Cert: 12)
3 stars

Chris Pine loses his father but gains a half-sister

Formats: DVD

Extras: Two audio commentaries: one with writer/director Alex Kurtzman and actors Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks; and another featuring Kurtzman and Michelle Pfeiffer.


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