EastEnders Comic Relief special: behind-the-scenes images released

Bianca attempts to cut Liam's ties to a malevolent gang in an episode to air on Red Nose Day


Gang culture looms large in a special edition of EastEnders that will air as part of this year’s Red Nose Day. 


As these sneak peek pictures show, Bianca (Patsy Palmer) will find herself in a vulnerable position after she tries to sever Liam’s (James Forde) ties to the gang with which he’s become increasingly involved. With Bianca knowing that Liam has been bullied into joining the menacing mob, she makes to grab her son. But where do Liam’s loyalties lie – with the gang or his mother? 

“When you learn about these gangs, you realise most of the kids are bullied into getting involved,” Palmer tells RadioTimes.com. “If we get one viewer who decides to become a youth worker or feels brave enough to tell the police, it’ll have done some good.” 

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The Comic Relief episode of EastEnders will air on Friday 15 March between 8.00-9.30pm on BBC1.