Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

2-8 March: Phil and Sharon leave Albert Square in pursuit of Lola and her daughter, while over in Weatherfield Paul's Full Monty fireman show is thrown into chaos



Law enforcement in E20 proves to be as blinkered as ever when the judge at Lexi’s hearing rules that Lola’s daughter should continue to stay with Phil. That’s Phil the former alcoholic crack fiend whose son is in prison for murder. Under such circumstances, it’s little wonder that Lola then flees into the night with her baby in tow. But Phil is on her tail, with Sharon tagging along to offer support. Plus the odd kiss for her ex to warm up a winter’s evening. It’s Sharongate all over again!


As Bob frets about his and Brenda’s future, Brenda’s worrying that she may not have a future at all. A neurosurgeon has told her she has a brain tumour, which leaves two big questions in need of an answer: what to tell Bob, and what to make of the surgery she’s been offered? Sandy’s health is also in the spotlight as Laurel draws attention to his recent forgetfulness. But is going into sheltered accommodation really the ideal solution?

Coronation Street


Karl makes the leap from feckless to reckless when he figures that the way to win a woman’s heart is by kidnapping her. Hence Stella has a torrid time in a cab when Karl drives her to a remote location. For light relief, Paul’s preparations for his Full Monty firemen show are thrown into chaos by Eileen’s attack of the green-eyed monster. She’s not pleased at the prospect of a woman called Toni organising the event and seeing her fella starkers.