Doctor Who: John Barrowman in talks for show’s 50th anniversary

"All I can say to you is that we're discussing things," the actor revealed on ITV's This Morning


Actor John Barrowman has revealed that he is in discussion to take part in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary: 


“I haven’t had any information up until just about right now – and all I can say to you is that we’re discussing things… that’s a total exclusive! You guys are the first to ever hear it,” he said on ITV’s This Morning. 

Barrowman, who has played Captain Jack Harkness on both Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood, added: “Even yesterday I was giving interviews and I was saying I have heard nothing, and now I can give you a little bit of an exclusive. I’ve heard something!” 

Captain Jack first appeared in the 2005 episode The Empty Child alongside Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston. The character was last seen in the 2011 Torchwood mini series Miracle Day. 

Since then, Barrowman has had roles on BBC drama Hustle and the acclaimed movie Zero Dark Thirty. He is currently featuring in the Sky1 superhero drama Arrow, a second series of which has already been commissioned. On his role as villain Malcolm Merlyn, the actor commented: 


“It’s nice to play a bad guy because what I like to try and do with the bad guys is make them likeable so that people have a bit of dilemma… and that’s what I try to do so hopefully that’s working.”