Being Human’s Damien Molony on co-star Michael Socha “I won’t say it was love at first sight but…”

The "bromance" between Hal the vampire and Tom the werewolf is based on the actors' instant chemistry, says the star


Ancient vampire Hal and his werewolf housemate Tom have been together onscreen for just 12 episodes of BBC3’s supernatural series Being Human, yet their love-hate relationship – by turns touching, dramatic and funny – is so convincing it would be easy to believe it’s been far longer.


Damien Molony, who plays the obsessive-compulsive bloodsucker, says his “bromance” with co-star Michael Socha began the moment they first worked together.

“My second round audition for Being Human was to read with Michael on camera. I was in the room for about ten minutes, but we just seemed to click,” Molony told

“We didn’t really see  each other for another couple of months and then we started filming, and it just kind of worked. I’m not going to say that it was love at first sight, but it was that kind of connection that we had.

“The two characters hate each other to begin with and over time it develops into this ‘bromance’, as people call it.”

Along with new housemate Alex the ghost (Kate Bracken), Hal and Tom make up a trio that’s already as much of a hit with fans as the show’s original line-up (who left one by one in the space of the previous two series). Molony says their onscreen chemistry is the result of his co-stars’ talent but also their offscreen friendships.

“Michael’s just a fantastic actor, but when we’re not filming the two of us have great craic too,” said the Irish star. “It was great when Kate joined us, she just slotted in so perfectly, so when we weren’t filming we were playing games in trailers and running around set causing mischief.

“It didn’t take any time at all for the three of us to gel. It’s great to hear that chemistry comes across on camera.” 


Being Human is on Sundays at 10pm on BBC3. Earlier this month it was announced that the current fifth series will be its last, with the finale set to air on 10 March.