David Tennant: Twitter is like being stalked by committee

He may not use the social networking site himself, but the former Doctor Who star has some strong feelings about it…

Any Twitter users hoping to see David Tennant signing up to the social networking site probably shouldn’t hold their breath – the former Doctor Who star appears not to be a fan.


“Twitter! It’s like being stalked by committee!” said Tennant. “Come and say hello if you want, but not for the sake of twittering about it.”

The actor made the remarks while discussing the legacy of playing the Time Lord. “You can’t switch it off when you’re buying a coffee and want to get home quickly, and five kids want a photograph taken,” Tennant told Time Out.

“That makes it sound like a trial, and it’s not,” he was quick to add, “but you can’t choose it. It’s part of the deal and it changes the practicalities of your life.”


The star also briefly touched on the possibilty of him appearing in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations, saying “I’m beginning to give up hope.”