The best Twitter Ikea horse meat jokes

"Horsemeat found in #Ikea meatballs. There's got to be a flatpack gag in this, but I've no idea how to put it together..."


Ikea found itself at the centre of scandal today after it emerged that horse meat had been found in a shipment of the company’s meatballs bound for the Czech Republic.


The news sent Twitter into melt-down, with some users pledging to “go veggie” in disgust and others claiming that, because Ikea’s meatballs are so tasty, horse meat might be a kind of super food.

And, of course, just like Tesco and Findus before them… there were the jokes…

Prince Charles ‏@Charles_HRH: Ikea have found horse meat in their Swedish meatballs. One would’ve been more shocked if they found wood in their furniture.

Patrick Strudwick@PatrickStrud: In reaction to the horse meat found in their meatballs IKEA have decided to sell the raw ingredients in a pack for you to assemble yourself.

Ian Hyland@HylandIan: Horse meat has been found in Ikea meatballs. Now we know why their hot dogs are so long. And chewy.

Matt Spence@mattspencedc: So thaaaat’s how they make it so cheap. Horse d’oeuvres? (Sorry!) 

Michael Hogan ‏@michaelhogan: Horsemeat discovered in IKEA meatballs. If you buy enough of them, you can self-assemble a horse

50 Shades Of Graham@grahamlstacey Horsemeat found in #Ikea meatballs. there’s got to be a flatpack gag in this, but I’ve no idea how to put it together…

Jim Lokay WCVB@LokayWCVB: Will IKEA shoppers be pleased to hear what was discovered in some of their famous Swedish meatballs? Nay.

James Lyons@MirrorJames: Ikea latest – flooring found to have Laminate

Stevie Bowerman@steviebowerman: I’m so hungry, I could eat a self-assembly clothes horse! #ikea

Fraser Campbell@FraserC69: Stunned to find Ikea have horse meat in their meatballs. Assumed they were made from couples who had become irretrievably lost in the store.


Tom Darnell@tomdarns: #Ikea announce the name of their new product range for summer 2013: Nägg