Call the Midwife series two, episode six – preview pictures and predictions

A recap, plus shots from this Sunday's episode (in which the mass X-ray machine arrives!) accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...


Last Sunday’s episode of Call the Midwife tackled tough issues like unwanted pregnancy, illegal abortion and the development of the Pill.


Jenny’s latest patient, Nora Harding, found herself pregnant with her ninth child, and was willing to go to desperate lengths to ensure she didn’t have another mouth to feed. Already struggling to contain her growing family in a two bedroom flat, Nora decided to try anything to prevent bringing another child into their poverty-ridden home, with grave consequences.

Meanwhile Nonnatus House prepared for the annual summer fete and the scouts practiced a performance of Robin Hood. Trixie charmed a local celebrity into judging the baby competition and got herself a date in the process. But the meeting was far from the romantic evening she’d imagined and the bubbly blonde found herself running back to the convent in tears.

With no purpose and little to fill her time, Sister Monica Joan found herself at a loose end this episode, but when Trixie’s celebrity judge pulled out of the baby show at the last minute, the experienced midwife was more than happy to take over judging duties.

The episode ended with Nora rushed to hospital with septicemia following a botched abortion. For a while, her future looked bleak, but she pulled through and, in a bittersweet twist, her family were moved to a bigger home outside of London.

But what’s going to happen this week? We’ve got our hands on some shots of the action and have made our usual spurious suggestions…

Jenny appears to be a little out of her comfort zone here. There is very little chance this elderly man is with child… Maybe he’s a grumbling grandfather or he’s become an unlikely dad late in life?

There’s a chance this man’s tale is completely unrelated to bouncing babies. Since her stint in the hospital, maybe Jenny is finding herself more drawn towards nursing duties and away from the world of midwifery…

Whatever Trixie and Cynthia are selling this woman is definitely not interested. And those perky smiles are doing little to change her mind.

Especially because those posters are promoting a mass X-Ray to check that the population of Poplar aren’t suffering from the deadly disease tuberculosis. Hardly an upbeat subject matter now, is it girls…

Uh oh. Tough times appear to be taking their toll on poor Dr Turner. Perhaps his secret longing for Sister Bernadette has become too much? By the look on his face even a stiff drink isn’t doing the trick.

But what’s the down-in-the-dumps Doctor looking at? Maybe Sister Bernadette has agreed to meet him in this smoky, shadowy bar for an illicit get together? She was on the verge of telling all to Sister Julienne in last week’s episode – perhaps the cat is finally out of the bag?

Secret or not she’d have to doff her nun’s garb here. She’d stick out like a sore thumb in this east end watering hole.

This bright young thing looks suspiciously like she’s stood in the very same bar as Doctor Turner. Maybe the drunken doctor is seeking solace from his thwarted love affair and has fallen straight into the arms of this green-coated woman? Let’s hope not. We couldn’t bear to have another Jimmy-style situation on our hands.

We’d hazard a guess that her sad eyes suggest there’s more to this story, though…

Could this be the newfangled mass X-Ray machine? The two nuns are stood guarding the entrance. Perhaps to hold back the hoards, though by the reaction of the woman above it seems unlikely that many of Poplar’s residents are going to be walking in willingly…

If we’re not mistaken, that man’s bottom half belongs to Dr Turner. No wonder Sister Bernadette can barely contain her giggles. Sister Evangeline on the other hand looks less than impressed. First it was the gas and air, now it’s a giant X-Ray machine. What will they think up next, eh?

Logic would suggest that his strangely dressed fellow has something to do with the equally strange X-Ray machine parked up on the Nonatus House driveway…

But if we didn’t know that we’d guess he was a deep sea diver, terrifyingly attired surgeon, over cautious motorcyclist or man with a very poor taste in spectacles… (we could go on, but we’ll restrain ourselves.)

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1