Skyfall star Ben Whishaw: Daniel Craig and I “will be back together in about ten months”

Filming on the next Bond movie is likely to start in less than a year, suggests Whishaw - and Daniel Craig will be playing Bond in at least three more films


Skyfall star Ben Whishaw has shared some inside information on the next James Bond film, suggesting that he will be back filming with his co-star Daniel Craig “in about ten months” – and that Craig has committed to three more 007 movies.


Speaking to at the gala screening of his new film Cloud Atlas, the 32-year-old actor revealed that he had not been in touch with Daniel Craig recently because “we know that we’ll probably be back together again in about ten months.” Then, perhaps realising he’d said too much, he added quickly: “Well, hopefully. Let’s hope so!”

Asked who he’d like to see carry on the 007 role after Daniel Craig, Whishaw said: “I know that he’s doing the next three so I’m not thinking beyond that. We’ve got to just get through those first.”

Whishaw was MI6 technical expert Q in Skyfall – a role previously played by the much older Desmond Llewelyn. Questioned about his ambitions for his character in the next film, he joked: “Well obviously I would like just for him to be in it more!”

Whishaw also said he hoped Sam Mendes, who directed the Bafta-winning, record-breaking 23rd 007 film, would return to helm the next instalment. Mendes recently indicated he would be open to a second Bond film, saying “we would want to make a better movie next time around”.  


Whishaw’s new film Cloud Atlas, also starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon, is in UK cinemas from 22 February.