Tom Cruise’s visit to a St Albans curry house is made into a movie

A short film based on the actor's trip to the Veer Dhara restaurant has been entered into the inaugural St Albans Film Festival


Cast your mind back to August last year and you might remember Tom Cruise’s surprise pit stop at a St Albans curry house. The Mission: Impossible star paid a visit to the Indian eaterie while filming All You Need Is Kill at the nearby Leavesden Studios, dining with a group of eight friends at the Veer Dhara and ordering the unusual combination of lobster and chicken tikka masala. Exciting stuff.


When the time came for the bill to be settled, the plot thickened. You might have expected Forbes’ highest paid actor in Hollywood to whip out his plastic, but as it turns out the restaurant doesn’t accept American Express and a friend had to cover Cruise’s share.

The above encounter may not resemble the action-packed plots of one of the actor’s tinseltown blockbusters, but it has inspired one particular moviemaker to turn the evening’s events into a short film.

The project has now been entered into the inaugural St Albans Film Festival’s short-film competition. The three-day celebration runs from 8-10 March and recognises the county’s historic links with the film industry thanks to its proximity to the Pinewood and Elstree studios.

Of the curry-inspired entry into this year’s contest, festival director Leoni Kibbey, said: “Everyone in the film is wearing a Tom Cruise mask. It’s very funny.”


Will Cruise’s Mission Im-poppadom top box offices worldwide? Well, we’ve been taught to expect the impossible…