Doctor Who and the Dalek invasion of London – pictures

Shooting on drama An Adventure in Space and Time saw the Daleks return to Westminster Bridge to recreate a 60s classic

Just after dawn on Sunday morning, Westminster Bridge fell eerily silent as a classic moment from the 1964 Doctor Who serial The Dalek Invasion of Earth was brought back to life.


Mark Gatiss and the production crew of An Adventure in Space and Time (the upcoming drama about the birth of Doctor Who) were standing by on a misty South Bank as, around 7am, a mysterious red van pulled up at the kerb – and four pristine Daleks emerged.

Faithful re-creations of the original models used in 1964 – complete with discs on their backs and raised fenders to allow them to move more easily over London pavements – the Daleks caused quite a stir among early-rising joggers and sightseers.


A handful of scenes were filmed, including one that involves the story’s director Richard Martin – played here by actor Ian Hallard (Gatiss’s partner).