Coronation Street spoilers: Gloria’s fiancé Eric discovered dead in the Rovers by Eva

"She's upset – Eric was very kind to her. He was the first person who saw through her brash exterior," says actress Catherine Tyldesley

Could this be Eva Price’s shortest relationship yet? Mere days after being told by Eric (Timothy West) that he’d prefer to travel the world with her than marry Gloria (Sue Johnston), he goes and dies in the Rovers bar. 


Prior to Eric’s passing, Stella (Michelle Collins) discovers that Eva has plans to leave Weatherfield in the company of her new ‘companion’ and isn’t exactly pleased by the news:

“She thinks Eric is just after sex!” says Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva. “She’s angry at her daughter for being so naïve. But Eva feels low and lost at present, so the offer is very tempting.”

However, after a heart to heart, Eva decides to reconsider and let Eric down gently – only matters don’t go according to plan. “Eva goes to tell Eric she can’t go and finds her elderly companion very much dead! She’s upset – Eric was very kind to her. He was the first person who saw through her brash exterior.”

Tyldesley also reveals that Gloria is annoyed when it comes to light that Eric had made alternative plans behind her back: “Gloria is upset that her favourite granddaughter hasn’t said anything sooner. Eva and Gloria are as thick as thieves. Peas of the same pod. So it’s unusual for them to fall out.”


But the scenes do allow for the actress to work more with Sue Johnston, an actress who Tyldesley holds in particularly high esteem: “I adore Sue. It’s so amazing to work with an actress I’ve admired for so many years. She has brought a new dynamic to the Rovers. I love the character of Gloria and Sue is one of the nicest people I know. Such a sweetie.”