Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson and James May play car rugby

Jezza and Captain Slow each captain a team of vehicular rugby players in a game at Twickenham - to be screened this weeekend


As well as an appearance from Lewis Hamilton, this weekend’s episode of Top Gear will also feature one of the BBC motoring show’s most audacious stunts yet: a game of car rugby.


Hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May will each captain a team of four-wheeled rugby players during a game at Twickenham, which the show is staging as part of a consumer test of the new Kia C’eed.

Rugby fans may well find themselves reaching for the smelling salts as they see nine motors, including a police panda car acting as referee, tearing up the hallowed ground’s pitch and chasing after a gigantic rugby ball.

Vehicles were first used to play sport on Top Gear in 2005, when James May and Richard Hammond played a game of car football while driving Toyota Aygos.

The pair staged a rematch a year later, when they pitted the Aygo against the 2006 Volkswagen Fox in a second game of vehicular footie.

Jezza and Captain Slow’s game of car rugby will air as part of the next episode of Top Gear, which goes out on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC2

Check out some pictures of the event and watch the Top Gear’s two games of car football below: