Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney battle a helicopter in A Good Day to Die Hard – video

Watch John and Jack McClane running from a heavily armed chopper in this new snippet from the fifth Die Hard film

If you still haven’t decided whether or not to cancel your reservation at Le Classy Bistro and take your valentine to see A Good Day to Die Hard tomorrow evening, here’s a clip that might help seal the deal.


While we’ve already seen Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney faced with hostile terrorists and mad motorists, this new snippet from John Moore’s eagerly-awaited action movie features the McClanes under fire from a particularly hostile-looking military helicopter:

As you’re no doubt aware by this point, A Good Day to Die Hard sees grizzled cop John McClane (Willis) travelling to Moscow and teaming up with his son Jack (Courtney) against the might of the Russian criminal underworld as they attempt to avert a nuclear-weapons heist.

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A Good Day to Die Hard will be released in Britain on Thursday 14 February.