First trailer for new ITV supernatural drama Lightfields

ITV's follow up to Marchlands, starring Dakota Blue Richards, Kris Marshall and Jill Halfpenny, sees three families haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl


Lightfields is a new five-part drama series which follows three families who live in Lightfields farmhouse at different periods in time.


The drama begins in 1944 during the Second World War with a tragic barn fire, and goes on to tell the stories of the families who live in the troubled farmhouse during 1975 and 2012. Years may separate the families, but their lives at the remote farmhouse are all connected by the presence of the ghost of a teenage girl who died in strange circumstances. 

Lightfields stars Dakota Blue Richards, Sam Hazeldine, Jill Halfpenny, Kris Marshall, Lucy Cohu, Danny Webb, Sophie Thompson and Karla Crome.

The supernatural series follows on from ITV hit Marchlands, which was broadcast in 2011. Marchlands followed three families who were troubled by the mysterious drowning of a young girl in the 1960s.


Lightfields is coming soon to ITV