Saoirse Ronan joins Matt Smith in How to Catch a Monster

The Atonement actress will join current Doctor Who star for Ryan Gosling's film directing debut


Saoirse Ronan is set to star alongside Doctor Who’s Matt Smith in How to Catch a Monster.


18-year-old star, who has appeared in Atonement, Hanna and The Lovely Bones, will join Matt Smith, Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes and Ben Mendelsohn in Ryan Gosling’s How to Catch a Monster.

How to Catch a Monster will be the Oscar-nominated actor’s first time writing and directing a feature film. 

Gosling’s directing debut, which will be produced by Marc Platt and Adam Siegel, has been described as “a modern day fairytale” with “elements of fantasy noir.” The film is set against “a vanishing city” and tells the story of single mother of two Billy and her teenage son, Bones. 

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is set to star as Billy. The roles Saoirse Ronan and Matt Smith will play are yet to be confirmed. 

Later this year, Ronan will star in The Host – a film based on a novel by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer – Byzantium, where she plays a vampire alongside Gemma Arterton, and war film How I Live Now. 


How to Catch a Monster’s principle photography is due to begin in May. The film is expected to be released in 2014.