EastEnders spoilers: Ayesha returns and spoils Masood’s date with Carol – picture preview

The newly single Masood is turning heads in Albert Square next week


Zainab may have only just left, but Masood (Nitin Ganatra) is already looking spoilt for choice when it comes to romance. 


Next week’s events will find Masood planning a date with Carol (Lindsey Coulson) that is set to involve him giving her a cookery lesson. But their plans get scuppered when flirtatious Ayesha Rani (Shivani Ghai) turns up at the house. 

“We can do it anytime. It’s fine,” says an obviously disappointed Carol, leaving Masood in the company of his unexpected guest. 

Ayesha then wastes no time in telling the object of her affection exactly how she feels: “I didn’t come to visit, Masood. I came for you.” 

Despite Masood telling her that she cannot possibly stay, Ayesha continues to make a play for him, only for the whole scene to then be witnessed Tamwar (Himesh Patel). 

Already under the impression that his father is moving on too quickly following the departure of Zainab, Tam is quick to tell Masood what he thinks of the situation: “Whatever mid-life crisis you’re going through, whatever reaction you’re having to mum leaving, this cannot happen.” 


But as Ayesha decides to step out into the night, she makes plain her belief that Masood deserves to be happy and reveals that she’s only going as far as the B&B…