Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Eccleston in exclusive clip from Song for Marion

Watch a scene from the upcoming British film also starring Terrence Stamp and Gemma Arterton

Vanessa Redgrave plays terminally ill Marion in upcoming British dramedy Song for Marion co-starring Gemma Arterton, Terence Stamp and Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston. 


The film follows the touching story of grumpy pensioner Arthur who must come to terms with the imminent death of his ailing wife, Marion. To please her he joins her local choir, and although he’s initially irritated by its wacky conductor, Elizabeth (Arterton), the pastime eventually leads him to discover a new side of himself and helps to build bridges with his estranged son, James (Eccleston). 

Exclusive to, the poignant clip below shows Marion and the choir serenading her disgruntled husband:


Unfinished Song is released in UK cinemas on Friday 22 February