Paphitis family backs Mrs P to be Theo’s Dragons’ Den replacement

The businessman and his son have both responded to a poll asking who should fill the empty seats in the Den

Dedicated fans of Dragons’ Den will feel they are intimately acquainted with Theo Paphitis’s good lady wife, the woman referred to by the investor as simply “Mrs P”.


Despite never having seen her on screen, viewers are used to hearing Theo tell prospective business partners exactly what Mrs P would think of their propositions (and, often, just how unimpressed she would be if he was to risk his children’s inheritance on them).

So when we put together a poll asking you to vote for Theo and fellow departed Dragon Hilary Devey’s replacements we thought a woman with Mrs P’s nouse had to be on the list.

Turns out Theo and his son Alex agree. “Please vote for Mrs P! Mums second,” tweeted Alex (@alexpaphitis), along with a link to the poll.

His dad (@TheoPaphitis) quickly responded, warning “Sounds brill but do you really want my cooking ? Beware of what you wish ! That would put me in charge at home !”


It seems that while Mrs P has the kind of judgement that would stand her in good stead in the Den, the same can’t necessarily be said of Theo’s skills in the kitchen…