Jai Courtney: I’d love to reprise the role of Jack McClane

RadioTimes.com caught up with the actor who plays John McClane's son at the premiere of A Good Day to Die Hard

Jai Courtney, star of A Good Day to Die Hard, has said he’d love to be involved in a future Die Hard film. 


The fifth instalment in the Die Hard action film franchise premiered last night in a rainy Leicester Square, and RadioTimes.com were on hand to catch up with Die Hard’s newest star Jai Courtney. 

So what was it like joining the franchise and working alongside Bruce Willis?

“It was fantastic,” said Courtney. “You don’t dream of this sort of thing happening so to get the call and be welcomed aboard was truly wonderful…  we just had a ball.”

With a sixth Die Hard film as good as confirmed, would the 26-year-old star be willing to join the cast again? 

“Absolutely,” said Jai. “It’s a very flattering idea. If I’m asked to come and reprise the role of Jack McClane I would love to.”

Courtney plays Jack, John McClane’s son. A Good Day to Die Hard sees John travelling to Russia to try and help Jack when he thinks he’s in trouble, but it soon turns out Jack is actually a CIA operative and the pair find themselves in the middle of a nuclear weapons heist… 


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