Which is the best BBC3 show of all time?

From Torchwood, Gavin & Stacey and Doctor Who Confidential to Our War, the Mighty Boosh and Being Human, there's no shortage of choice - as the BBC channel turns 10, we ask you to pick your favourite...


In some circles (ie, people who don’t really watch it) BBC3 has a reputation as a peddler of trash TV. But even shows like Snog Marry Avoid and Spendaholics  – along with the pure entertainment value – often have something to say about modern society and individual psychology.


As a proving ground for the kind of new comedy and drama that its bigger brothers wouldn’t take a chance on, BBC3 has produced some gems – Torchwood and Gavin & Stacey both graduated to BBC2, and in turn BBC1, while Pulling, the Mighty Boosh and Being Human (which, we learned today, will end with the current fifth series) became cult classics and another supernatural tale, The Fades, won a best drama series Bafta (even though a second season failed to materialise).

Factual programmes, meanwhile, have provided insights into some normally unseen worlds – the much-mourned Doctor Who Confidential was one of the only shows ever on British TV to reveal, from script to screen, the process of making a television series, while Our War – the moving and harrowing look at British soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan – is rumoured to have garnered the BBC’s highest ever audience approval rating.


All in all, BBC3 can look back on a decade of programme making with pride. But revisiting those ten years also raises a big question – which is the best show BBC3 has ever made? Remind yourself of just how many there have been below, then vote for your favourite in our poll.