Bruce Willis says “yes” to Die Hard 6 – but what should it be called?

The action star reveals that there's likely to be another Die Hard film while appearing on The One Show...


The cunningly-titled fifth Die Hard movie A Good Day to Die Hard hasn’t even been released yet, but series star Bruce Willis has already told fans to expect a sixth outing for the grizzled lawman John McClane. I trust you’ll excuse us a brief “yippee-ki-yay”.


Willis appeared on BBC1’s early evening magazine programme The One Show last night to plug AGDtDH and was asked by host Alex Jones if viewers can expect a sixth Die Hard film. He smiled, looked rather pleased with himself and responded with one word: “Yes.” 

While it’s too early to guess at whether the proposed sixth film will actually go ahead or not (A Good Day to Die Hard’s box office receipts will decide that), Twentieth Century Fox certainly seems keen on the Die Hard franchise at the moment, having just marked the series’ 25th birthday by unveiling a huge mural of Willis in character as John McClane on its studio lot in LA.

So, while there’s no plot to chew over, why don’t we busy ourselves by speculating about potential titles for the sequel? These are the domain names to buy up now if you want to annoy Fox, kids!

Never Say Die Hard

Die Hard Another Day

A Hard Dies Night

Live by the Sword, Die Hard by the Sword

We’re Born Alone, We Live Alone, We Die Hard Alone

Ours is Not to Reason Why, Ours is but to Do or Die Hard

I’m Not Afraid to Die Hard – I just Don’t Want to Be There When It Happens

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die Hard

To Die or Not to Die? That is the Hard Question

You get the idea, there. If you can think of any others though, post a comment below and let us know!

Anyway, A Good Day to Die Hard will be released in the UK next Thursday, on Valentine’s Day.

Check out two clips from the film (here and here), watch a behind the scenes featurette, see the trailer, look at a collection of pictures and, if all that wasn’t enough, you can also have a gander at the poster.


And if all that’s got reminiscing about your favourite Die Hard film, cast a vote in our poll and let us know which you think is the best in the series.