Revealed! Lady Gaga’s top four cheeses

Plus, to go with them, Mama Monster's favourite red wine varieties, as revealed in a list of her backstage demands


Lady Gaga is currently embroiled in a court case with her former personal assistant Jennifer O’Neill. In the process, various pieces of correspondence have come to light, including what is believed to be Mama Monster’s tour rider – the list of backstage demands she makes of each venue she visits.


The rider, reproduced here by The Mirror, includes a few predictably bizarre requests, such as a life-sized mannequin with “pink public hair” (we think she means “pubic”). But being the epicureans we are here at, we were interested in one thing in particular – Gaga’s favourite cheeses.

Among the countless other food and drink items originally requested by her PA, was a cheese plate showing the First Lady of Ga to be a woman of sophistication and wide-ranging tastes. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself, as we finally reveal Lady Gaga’s four favourite types of cheese…

Lady Gaga’s top four cheeses

1. Brie

2. Sharp Cheddar

3. Goat’s cheese

4. Gouda

Now we know what you’re thinking – what good is cheese without wine? Well M’Lady clearly had the same thought, as her rider also included requests for “2 bottles of good quality white wine (Chardonnay)” and “1 bottle of quality red wine”. And guess what? She even specified the four varieties of vin rouge she would accept. So here, as a little bonus, are Lady Gaga’s top four red wines – enjoy (we’re sure she did)!

Lady Gaga’s top four red wine varieties

1. Shiraz

2. Grenache

3. Malbec

4. Cabernet


Lovely. Now do excuse us – we’re off to plan a Gaga-themed cheese and wine evening…