Africa: David Attenborough in conversation with a blind baby rhino – video

The veteran broadcaster communicates with the "enchanting creature" using a series of squeaks in the final episode of his current series

If there wasn’t already enough proof that David Attenborough is a living legend, here’s a little more.


Out in Africa filming his latest documentary series, the 86-year-old natural history broadcaster encounters a blind baby rhino waiting for a cataract operation on its eyes. Kneeling down on his hands and knees, Attenborough communicates with the infant using a series of squeaks to “have a little chat” with the “enchanting creature”.

In tonight’s final episode in the six-part Africa series, the veteran naturalist warns about the potential future for the continent’s wildlife in an episode that focuses on the importance of conservation efforts – don’t miss it tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1. And in the meantime, make sure you watch Attenborough’s emotional appearance in this clip…


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