The best Richard III Twitter jokes

"Richard III officially announced as 1485 Hide and Seek Champion"


Channel 4 earned a place in the history books last night when it broadcast a documentary in which the bones of England’s last Plantagenet monarch, Richard III, were exhumed from his final resting place: beneath a car park in Leicester.


The programme was understandably met with wonder, awe, incredulity – and a barrage of jokes about the hunchbacked king on Twitter.

We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch – hopefully after you’ve read them this winter won’t seem quite so full of discontent…

‏@sickipediabot: No sooner had they removed Richard III from the car park in Leciester, than NCP sent him a fine for £60.00 for parking more than two hours

‏@WillBlackWriter: The sad thing about the Richard III news is that the woman who for years said he wasn’t hunch-backed has got all bent out of shape

@tonypony: richard III wont be the last bloke to have his face reconstructed after leaving a pub car park in leicester 

@GenMet1987: Richard III officially announced as “1485 Hide and Seek Champion”

@LFBarfe: When you’re running the Richard III Society, your whole life has been building up to this. What next? Cigarette cards? Hornby Dublo?

@stevefurst: Leicester now famous for Richard III’s remains. But let us not forget it was the town of 7 previous Kings…..Showaddywaddy.

@Queen_UK: Just had 600 years of parking fines through for Richard III. Might see if one can persuade Chris Huhne’s wife to pay them.

@UberLaughs: Scientists have been able to date Richard III to c1485. There was a Nokia 3210 buried with him.

@prodnose (aka Danny Baker): having weighed all the evidence I find there is little doubt that Richard III spoke exactly like Leonard Rossiter as Rigsby.

@simon_price01: Advanced facial reconstruction proves that Richard III looked like Quentin Tarantino playing Percy from Blackadder


@SamTasker5: “We’re down to the bare bones,” says Harry Redknapp before making a cheeky loan bid for Richard III.