Viral videos of the week: Downton Abbey, JJ Abrams, Blackberry and the moon

These were the best five internet clips of the past seven days. No, they were. We've checked


1. Hello? Stephen? HELLO?
Staggering PR fail of the week came courtesy of Blackberry, the 00s portable-email gurus who have just done a fancy “smartphone” that’s a bit like those iPhones everyone has instead now. Other companies, and indeed political parties, have made the error of sending out a junior staff member to face the music, only for them to freeze and robotically repeat a meaningless pre-prepared script. Blackberry played it safe with no less than Stephen Bates, the European managing director of hilariously named parent company RIM.


Well, it certainly got people talking about the new Blackberry! Amazingly Bates managed to do another interview on Radio 5 Live that was even worse.

2. Moon beaut
Awesomely lovely footage of the moon rising over Wellington, New Zealand, shot by Mark Gee who was standing 2km away and had been waiting for months for the perfect night to do this.

You think it must be speeded up, until you see the silhouettes of the people who have also come to see this spectacular sight. Stunning.

3. 16-bit parts
The internet is not short of Downton Abbey parodies, but there’s room for this: Downton, the Super Nintendo game.

You’ll be glad to know that that hauntingly beautiful version of the Downton theme is available for download. And when you’re done with that, try the fantastic Homeland RPG.

4. That’s not a trailer for Star Trek. It’s a trailer for Star Wars
What will JJ Abrams’ Star Wars film look like? While we wait an incredibly long time for that, someone’s given us a fair idea by simply taking the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and swapping in old Star Wars footage.

Presumably the new Abrams version won’t depressingly look like it was made 400 years ago.

5. Give that woman a clap
Jessica Sanchez, a reporter for Local 6 based in Orlando, Florida, instantly became a hero of beleaguered on-the-ground news folk this week, when her live report from Super Bowl XLVII host city New Orleans was invaded by a drunk 49ers fan.


Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Or itch.