Behind-the-scenes: Hyde Park on Hudson

Oliva Colman, Samuel West, Olivia Williams and director Roger Michell on the story behind President Roosevelt's affair and what it was like working with Bill Murray

“I don’t think I’d have made Hyde Park on Hudson without Bill Murray,” declares director Roger Michell about his star casting for his latest film (released today in UK cinemas nationwide). “It took about a year to lasso him into place and I’m very glad that I waited for him.”


Murray plays Franklin D. Roosevelt in a story that captures the visit of King George VI and his wife, Elizabeth, to the US president’s estate alongside the beginnings of his affair with mistress Margaret Suckley. His wife, Eleanor, is played by Olivia Williams who has known Bill for 15 years and told that their friendship meant she “could quite easily fall into that respectful and loving sense that Eleanor [his wife] had. 

Olivia Colman and Samuel West – who play the king and queen of England – also reveal their experiences of working with Murray. “I really want to say that he was awful but he was absolutely divine,” admits Colman. “Everyone fell in love with him. He’s got that naughty twinkle.”

“He has an enormous boom box the size of a small car which he plays behind you very loudly,” adds Sam. 


To watch’s exclusive interview with the actors and director of Hyde Park on Hudson, check out the video below: